Designed For Any Staircase


This stairlift is suitable for a staircase with one or more bends. The Devi Modular Stairlift is always delivered with an automatic swivel chair, footrest and intercom and is also available in 4 modern colours.


Due to the unique modular rail, the Devi Modular Stairlift fits on every staircase. The rail consists of only 2 parts and can be fully customized on site.

Seamless Fit

Prepare your home for the future

With the modular curved stairlift you not only prepare your home for the future; the beautiful chair also fits seamlessly into your interior. It’s made from artificial leather and available in various colours. The stairlift is advanced in and can even be operated with an app!



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Technical Specifications

Optimal Profile

Compared to commonly used rails, our rail has a considerably smaller profile. The rail is designed so that your staircase is not blocked. Below you can see the difference.

Intercom Fitted

The intercom and joystick are fitted in the armrest of the chair. In case of a malfunction you can reach the help desk with the intercom.


The hinge rail folds back automatically after use, in this way your stairlift can be placed next to a door without blocking it.

Slim Design

The slim design is a major advantage of the modular stairlift. It ensures that when the stairlift is not used and the armrests, the footrest and the chair are folded in, there is enough space to use the stairs on foot.

Ease Of Use

You don’t have to bend over to unfold the footrest.

Safe On & Off

The chair also turns automatically toward the hallway, so that you can safely get on or off the seat.


0,15 meters per second

Method of drive

Rack and pinion

Power input

24V DC (battery)

Max. weight

125 KG / 275 lbs / 20 stone


Extruded aluminum, casted aluminum

 Power supply

50-60Hz, 90-240V AC

Our stairlift is designed to comply with:
European regulations

EN 81-40:2008

Software and hardware

IEC – 61508-2 and IEC – 61508-3

EMC standard


Fire resistance