Frequently asked questions

Yes, County Council grants are available, however grant funding is means tested and subjected to means available at the time and other criteria such as age, nature of disability, income and works requested.

A stairlift generally for a straight stairs should cost between 1600e and 1700e however costs may increase if options like powered swivels or powered hinges are required. Reconditioned lifts with warranty’s are generally costing about 1000e installed with warranty.
Curved stairlifts by their nature are generally made specific to each stairs and can cost from 5000e upwards depending on the number of bends,length of rail and options required.

Reconditioned curve lifts generally start at 3500e again depending on the amount of bends and rail.
Stairlifts are available to people on a disability allowance but again applied for through the local authority or county council.
Generally most people over 65 with an income less than 30,000e are eligible for grants up to 95% as the income increases the amount of grant funding available will decrease.

Yes: A stairlift that goes around the stairs is known as a curved stairlift( as it goes around the corner) ,they can both go on external or internal corners.

A standard stairlift is rated for 12kg(18 stone) heavy duty stairlifts hold up to 25 stone and certain makes can go upwards to 30 stone.

Some stairlifts are bulkier than others but certain stairlifts need a minimum width of only 650mm.