Abbey Mobility is a leading supplier of platform lift solutions for both commercial and residential buildings in Ireland.


For over 10 years, by providing the highest level of service, Abbey Mobility has specialized in making wheelchair accessibility easier for our private and public customers. Our range of platform lifts, which are ideally suited for commercial as well as residential application, include Butler Platform, Gulliver Platform Lift, Orion Platform Lift, Liliput & Mizar Platform Lift and Low Rise Platform Lift.


Butler Platform Lift

Ideal for private homes, Butler is the smallest ball-screw lifting platform in the world and is able to fit into any environment.

Elderly or disabled people require solutions that allow them freedom of movement inside their homes. The Butler provides the perfect solution to mobility between levels in your home, and it does so in a comfortable, safe and elegant manner.
Butler is a cost-effective solution for accessibility needs in private homes and is fully compliant with Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.


The Gulliver vertical platform

This lift is a hydraulic platform lift with its own shaft. It is the result of years of technical research and development with special attention paid to customer needs regarding safety and comfort.

It can be perfectly adapted to a wide variety of public and residential buildings.

The Gulliver consists of a shaft constructed with glass panels and a powder-coated galvamag steel structure, enabling installation without the need of a masonry shaft. The quality of the materials used, the attention to detail and the various accessories available make the Gulliver a perfect match to its surrounding environment. The Gulliver requires very little space and no particular architectural changes (pit, header and machine room).
The Gulliver complies to the relevant European directives (D.M. 236/89, Machine Directive 2006/42/EC-ex 89/392/CEE). It is certified to IMQ and TÜV.


Orion Platform Lift

Orion is a hydraulic platform lift which can be installed in a standard-build masonry shaft-way with a minimum pit depth of 80mm.
The hydraulic lifting system is energy efficient. The width of the platform can be tailored to your needs, from 720mm to a maximum of 1800mm.
Thanks to its innovative design, Orion is both quick and easy to install. The quality of materials used, as well as the large range of colours and finishes available, lets Orion integrate perfectly into the surroundings. Built in strict conformity with all current European norms, Orion is safe and reliable. It is certified to CE, IMQ and TÜV.

The Liliput and Mizar are hydraulic platform lifts for short lifting heights up to 1800mm travel. Liliput is a mini-lift complete with a zinc-plated, powder-coated metal shaft. Mizar is a mini-lift installed in a masonry shaft.


Liliput & Mizar Platform Lift

Low Rise lifting platforms are the perfect solution to give easy access to homes, buildings and public premises where a small change in level excludes the less able.

More and more people are trying to make their buildings accessible for all. Previous solutions to overcome barriers to wheelchair users often involved major building alterations, and the installation of expensive, traditional elevators or huge ugly ramp systems. These ineffective solutions are no longer necessary.
The lifting platform can easily be converted to a Step-lift by adding an innovative bridging device which allows access for wheelchair users up to 4 steps (1 metre). The lifting platform is not only a cost effective quality solution, it is also supremely flexible.
The Low Rise lifting platform is CE certified; it conforms to BS 6440 and has been tested in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.


The Vector

This platform is a vertical platform lift, a shaft and an engine room all in one, making installation simple, without requiring any major structural alterations or drastic architectural adaptations.

The Vector platform lift is especially designed to easily fit into your building. Digging a deep pit in the floor is no longer a requirement, and although we do recommend a 5cm recess, a drive up ramp is an option.
The standard carrying capacity is 430kg and this can be upgraded to 500kg.
Operating in some countries up to 12,000mm high, the safety features include “hold to run” controls and an operating speed of 0.15 m/s


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