Concerto GS Vertical Access Platform Lift



The Concerto GS Platform Lift provides an ideal solution for disabled access to different levels. The flexible design, high build quality and dependable automatic screw drive makes this lift suitable for all kinds of public and commercial buildings

Concerto GS Platform Lift


The lifting platform unit is supplied in a kit form with pre-formed panels and all steel works of the correct size and length. All clearances are factory set.

The cladding panels – steel or glass – and doors are all supplied by us. Only a 50mm pit is required; alternatively we can provide a ramp instead.

There is no need for any machine room since the machinery and controller is contained within the unit itself.


Public Glass Platform Lift


General Specification of Concerto Platform Lift

  • Part M of the Building Regulations compliant.
  • Meets the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).
  • Suited to either outside or inside applications
  • Lifting heights to maximum of 9 metres
  • 240V 20A or 3 phase 415V 10A
  • Dependable automatic screw and nut drive
  • Front only, front and rear and adjacent openings available
  • Powered door option



Concerto GS brochure (Adobe .pdf).

900 platform through doors KTER29A
900 platform doors same side KTER30A
900 platform half door same side KTER31A
900 platform half door same side KTER32A
900 platform 3 floor example KTER37A
900 platform 4 floor example KTER38A
1000 platform through doors KTER25A
1000 platform doors same side KTER26A
1000 platform half door same side KTER27A
1000 platform half door through car KTER28A
1000 platform 3 floor example KTER35A
1000 platform 4 floor example KTER36A
1100 platform through doors KTER15A
1100 platform doors same side KTER16A
1100 platform ground floor adjacent door KTER17A
1100 platform adjacent doors KTER18A
1100 platform top floor adjacent door KTER19A
1100 platform half door KTER20A
1100 platform half door KTER23A
1100 platform half door KTER24A
1100 platform 3 floor example KTER33A
1100 platform 4 floor example KTER34A
Survey sheet for 2 stops KTER21A
Typical door heights KTER22A
Shortrise KTER39A